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Blank Slate Kitchen crafts intriguing international sauces for curious eaters. Our products are crafted with the finest quality ingredients we can find, all non-GMO and never with any preservatives, colorings, additives or chemicals.

We are passionate about exploring the world through food and want to bring you along on that journey! Our unique sauces bring the flavors of lesser-known cuisines from around the world into your kitchen and onto your plate.

Blank Slate was founded by Alex Sorenson, a New York Times-starred chef who has worked in a wide range of fine dining restaurants throughout New York City and the world at large, having lived and worked in France, Rwanda and Borneo. Alex routinely travels all over the world in search of exciting new flavors, ingredients and dishes to inspire Blank Slate Kitchen’s products and bring them to your kitchen.

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Tingly, spicy, complex. Use it everywhere.

Sichuan Chili Oil

Tantalizingly tingly, complex, nuanced, exquisitely balanced and of course spicy!

Blank Slate Kitchen’s Sichuan Chili Oil is infused with a dozen spices and aromatics as well as two types of ground chilis and freshly ground Sichuan peppercorns

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