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Vibrant, spicy, bright. Yemeni herby hot sauce

A versatile condiment originally from Yemen and popular throughout the Middle East.

Similar to chimichurri, salsa verde, or pesto, but with lots of jalapeno chile and cardamom and cumin, giving it a Middle Eastern flavor profile.

Blank Slate Kitchen - Zhug - Jar Drip

Sichuan Chili Oil

Tingly, spicy, complex. Use it everywhere!

Tantalizingly tingly, complex, nuanced, exquisitely balanced and of course spicy!

Our Sichuan Chili Oil is infused with a dozen spices and aromatics as well as two types of crushed chilis and freshly ground Sichuan peppercorns

Blank Slate Kitchen - Zhug - Jar Drip
Blank Slate Kitchen - Zhug - Beet Salad

Vibrant Flavor!


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Top Quality Ingredients


Rich Flavor!


What People are saying


Blank Slate Sichuan Chili Oil – it’s so good!

Samin Nosrat / Chef, TV Host, Food Writer

Blank Slate Kitchen Sichuan Chili Oil, with its intriguing, slightly gingery zip, is the answer. I keep it in my refrigerator to perk up just about everything from Ma Po Tofu to steamed spinach.

Ruth Reichl / Chef, Food Writer

Magnificently Ma La

I was almost brought to tears when I tasted this the first time. FINALLY a whole realm of my favorite dishes are literally at my finger tips. This is absolutely the real deal.

Kyle T.

Best Stuff Ever
I received this as a present and I am in love with it! I put this on *almost* everything, it’s just that good. What I like most about this chili oil is all of the flavor that’s packed into it, it’s not just chilis. It has ginger, shallots, and garlic too that make the taste that much better. I’d also say it makes a great gift because it looks fancy and tastes great!


I absolutely love this chili oil and probably go through a jar every two months. It is addictively delicious. I use it on absolutely everything – on fried eggs, in noodle, rice and stirfried meat and veggie dishes, in sandwiches. I drizzle it on avocado toast. Very spicy so just put the amount you need. I have spent alot of time in China and Sichuan huajiao pepper and sichuan seasoning are some of my favorite flavors – I think Blank Slate has really captured the right balance here.


It is an essential item in my kitchen and is beloved in ramen and on eggs, hash browns and even tuna fish sandwiches. My kids (ages 8 & 4) also use it with frequency. Why? It has a wonderful blend of many rich flavors – it is warm ( not super spicy), rich, balanced and gives the tongue an addictive tingle. I give jars away as gifts and consistently get compliments. This is a unique product I can’t recommend highly enough.

Marcus F.


Ok this just changed my life and is making my mouth SO HAPPY. O.M.G, first of all, how do they even make this stuff because when you open the jar it’s basically SO FRESH the aroma just smacks you in the face like you just made it yourself in a blender. TBH sometimes I just eat it off a spoon right out of the jar.


Well, this stuff is absolutely delicious and exceeded expectations! So herby and just the right amount of kick, the perfect complement to fish, chicken, or any meat I imagine.


This is an incredible jar of hot sauce in the Middle Eastern sour zhug style. It tastes as if it were made fresh five minutes ago, with an intense, rich herbal flavor.


It’s you favorite middle eastern market or food truck in a jar. If you like zattar and things like that you’ll love this on a pita.


Wow this stuff is so good! I love the brightness of the lemon and the spice of jalapeños. It’s a really great blend to put on sandwiches.


This luscious green sauce is way beyond just spicy. Rich with herbal goodness, a little bit of this green magic works wonders.


where to use SICHUAN CHILI OIL?

Anywhere You Would Use a Hot Sauce!

Blank Slate Kitchen - Sichuan Chili Oil - Dumplings



Blank Slate Kitchen - Sichuan Chili Oil - fried egg

Fried Eggs, Sandwiches, Pizza


Blank Slate Kitchen - Sichuan Chili Oil - Noodles

Noodles, Rice & Stir Fries


Blank Slate Kitchen - Sichuan Chili Oil - Roast Broccoli with Sichuan Chili Oil

Roast Vegetables

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