Thank you so much for your interest in our products! Unfortunately, we’re out on a family vacation though….

We’re a tiny operation and we do everything ourselves, which means we put all of our care and attention into making sure some truly unique and delicious ingredients end up in your kitchen. But it also means that when we need to take a much-needed family, we’re not available to ship out your order.

We’ll be back and have the online store reopened on August 27th. If you want to wait until then, great! If you’re hoping to get something sooner, check out the following online stores, each of which carries some of our products:

The Mala Market (Szechuan Chili Oil)

Milk Street (Szechuan Chili Oil)

Bespoke Post (Syrups and Szechuan Chili Oil) (Syrups)

FarmToPeople (Syrups and Szechuan Chili Oil)