Black Sands

Recently we were discussing with our friends at Bite the idea of a cocktail inspired by our travels in Uganda years ago which provided the original inspiration for our Vanilla Rich Simple Syrup.  Wheels started turning, and within a couple minutes the basis for this beauty was born. Behold, the Black Sands, a sophisticated riff on the French 75, with banana-infused cognac, vanilla, and a splash of the bubb. If you’re scared of the banana, this is nothing like those shots of 99 Bananas you used to throw back in your college days. Trust us, this is worth it.

Servings: 1

Cook Time: 10 minutes

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¾ oz Vanilla Rich Simple Syrup
1 oz banana infused Cognac XO (see below)
¾ oz fresh lime juice
Lemongrass & Cinnamon oil (see below)
1 oz Brut champagne


To make the banana-infused cognac, blend freeze dried bananas in 375 mL of cognac and strain through muslin or a linen napkin OR pulse the banana in a blender or food processor into “crumbs” and steep with the cognac in a French press for 2 hours. Suspend the lemongrass and cinnamon oils in vodka (about 3 drops each per 3.5 oz spray bottle of vodka).

Shake banana cognac, vanilla syrup and lime juice with ice, then strain into a chilled glass that’s been sprayed with the lemongrass & cinnamon oil. Top with chilled champagne.